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Inspect and Edit HTML Live Pro

1.43 usd

Inspect HTML/CSS and change style and layout in real-time.This application allows you to not only view web pages HTML and CSS, it lets you dynamically modify it. You just have to enter web page's web address, view page source code, modify it and view the changes you've made, and all of it live. The application can be used to learn HTML, by inspecting and editing the code of well-designed websites live you can learn a lot!
List of features:-Edit website source code-Inspect HTML elements - touch a particular element to read and change the code behind it -You can easily search for text in website code-You also have an option to share the website source code-Prototype of Javascript console
It also enables you to inject a single javascript one-liners, making applying your own customizations even simpler. Javascript console prototype is still in the testing stage so for now it does not support code-completion and any other fancy features like parsing the commands etc. Do not worry though its basic functionality works perfectly fine, so you will be able to inject some javascript without any problems.
This website source code editor also allows you to inspect elements.
With this application you will easily grasp web concepts really quickly just by playing with modifying things you see on the internet. Why not go further and play a prank on your friends by modifying for instance news headlines?Nothing stops you from doing that!
This tool has features similar to mozilla plugin called firebug and chrome web developer tools. All of these features makes this web editor a must for every web developer toolkit.
To support developer of this application please purchase pro version of this app.If you often want to save what you've edited you can purchase the Pro version of this application, it supports saving pages you've modified so you can come back to it whenever you want! Premium version is also ad-free.
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